View from the Porongurups, Western Australia

The current Covid pandemic may have limited overseas travel like My Senior Gap Year, but it hasn’t stopped the opportunity for travel. Join us as we embark on Our Senior Aussie Gap Year adventure around Australia….

I love boardwalks. They make me feel like being on little journeys of discovery. Where each step of the path reveals just a bit more of nature’s secrets. From the majestic to the surreal. Safely clinging along a cliff edge feeling the power of the ocean below. Or feeling the pit of your stomach turn as you look down to the canyon below. …

Chris Herrmann in Peru on his senior gap year.

When life throws you a grenade!

I never dreamt I would take a gap year. Certainly not a senior gap year. After all, I had always associated gap years with the young generation. But a change of life circumstances altered this view. When my wife suddenly passed away, I unexpectedly found myself single again. A grandfather of seven, I may not have been eighteen anymore I reasoned, but I did have good health and fitness. “So why not, it’s never too late”, I thought.

The life as I knew it for forty wonderful years had abruptly ended. I knew I…

Chris Herrmann

Through sharing stories, Chris’s vision is to encourage and inspire others to live their travel adventures. To find out more

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